How You Can Help

Every minute a child in Africa dies from diseases caused by contaminated water. Africa Oasis Project brings solutions to the desperate need for clean water across Africa.

Just $4 can provide clean water for one person in an African village for 10 years or more. Sound impossible? Your donation, combined with other contributions, can underwrite the cost of drilling a well in an area of desperate need.

A gift to Africa Oasis Project goes toward an array of well-drilling projects in some of the most gospel-resistant corners of Africa. Funds can purchase needed equipment, send teams to witness and work on wells in communities, and support missionaries who are serving full-time with AOP.

As you pay your next utility bill, think of how impactful a donation to AOP that is just a fraction of your own water costs could be in the lives of thirsty Africans.

You’ll be saving lives and reaching souls.