About Africa Oasis Project

Someone in Africa once said, “Water is the new gold.” Waterborne diseases kill hundreds of thousands of people in Africa every year, and bringing a consistent source of clean drinking water to a community can save countless lives through the years.

Africa Oasis Project is committed to meeting the need for clean water in villages across the continent, improving health and sanitation for children and families. Because Africa Oasis Project works in connection with AG churches in Africa, those who receive clean water also receive living water — the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even in the hardest, most gospel-resistant places in Africa, AOP teams clearly communicate that only God can supply water. They pray in Jesus’ name and ask for His help in locating water. When a drilling project is successful and the team strikes water, they tell onlookers that God has provided both drinking water for their bodies and spiritual water for their souls.

The type of well varies according to a village’s need. Where the water table is closer to the surface, a shallow well of some 20 meters or so can find water. These wells can be drilled with rigs pulled by a Land Cruiser.

In more arid regions, a productive well may require a 300-meter depth. Specialized drilling rigs and high-pressure pumps are needed, and a project can cost $30,000 or more.

AOP projects also assist the ministries of some of the more remote Bible schools in Africa that are training a new generation of pastors and church leaders. In effect, these well-drilling projects are multiplying the growth of the church.